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Voldemort, or the bravery and foolishness of calling things their right name
This work aims (my diploma work) to be a sum of my thoughts through six years of study at the academy. I do believe in creating a milestone of this kind in my exploration; to settle meanings of certain overused words according to how I understand them, and try to solve or at least name paradoxes that arise. I write about the relation of art and freedom, and their place in nature. After naming certain operational boundaries of art, I am looking for the mission of the artist, defi ning the genius. The ultimate boundary I end up with is the longing to escape language, a problem I was unable to breach. Thus I end naming the pathos of this longing as the hoping for something beyond the boundaries. In the text I use story fragments to simulate situations for a more complex (visual even) illustration of problems.
The installation in the cellar of Galeria Enter can be further divided into three rooms - stages. In the fi rst room - room of Word - are the two videos repeating mantras from the book, text excerpts from the book on the wall, and the book itself in the middle. The second room - room Silence - is separated by ccurtain. In the room there is darkness and only silent murmur can be heard from a hidden sound source. At the end, there is a second curtain, which separates the third room - room Idyl. In this last room is the videoprojection of a window, with the curtain moving.