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Answered Prayers
The videoinstallation is a collection of stories, evaluation monologues about the logic of desire, and possible regret of ther fulfillment. The title is borrowed from the work of Truman Capote, a writing about mechanisms of fame about his surrounding friends. The videos are portraits of people, yet also studies - analogous to Capote - about art, love, politics or death. Seven videos are in three rooms of the gallery. Each vide is fi ve minutes long, portriats showing details of faces. The faces rarely talk, usually only the voiceover is heard. The camera is clusing up or moving away. Mostly there is silence, soft sounds occasionally disturb the calmness. In one room there are more videos, so the monologues become strange dialogues. The texts are short and fragmented. In the fi rst room Matej Fabian - painter- walks on the wall, a portrait about decay. Lucia Tkačová - artist- talks about love and the irony and seriousness of it. In the second room Pavol Bellan - poet - says a few words about textual creation, on the opposing wall Anna Daučiková talks about politics, loyalty and war. The third room is dominated by the monologue of Milan M. Šimečka, about the reasins for fi ghting for freedom(or giving life for anything else for that matter) , the video with Kristina Saxunová is about gilrs and infantility, and the last wall/ video is where the artist himself says words about neurtrality and happiness.