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Cosmogony 1: self-similarity of models
"From the depth of experience, came forth an animal. Another conformal cycle. A large jellyfish, with a thousand million arms. Contracting and waving its tentacles. Its breadth was space. Its arms: time.” Andras Csefalvay, in his newly developed work for …and they lived… tackles the endless,eternal genre of origin myths. As many cultures or conspiratorial cells have roamed the Earth, or the Internet throughout history, we have many more origin myths. Ritual sacrifices, descents from heaven, murders, old, bearded men turning on the light, big bangs, spacetime continuums, matrixes, aliens; basically the whole proverbial science/ faith/ fantasy imaginary. As narrator, Csefalvay evokes a personified Higgs Bosun Field, a field of energy that is thought to exist in every region of the universe. And the Cosmic Jellyfish as the foundational element of existence, as the primary mover, as the shape of all things, as the first form out of which all has been created, and made in its image. The two-channel video literally emits its message from a model of a deep space satellite dish on a background of passing time, somewhere in the galaxy’s outer reaches. The narrator’s story is followed by a conversation between the creator and their creation." Jen Kratochvil

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