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Lessons in the Vicious Art of Murder
I am still have an interest in following the story of Pluto. Since from 2006 when Pluto was discarded from the astronomical planet category strange things are happening. At first Pluto was unsure and felt sadness, yet had found consolation in his spouse - Charon. But later he wished for revenge, to repay those people, who so easily intervene with fates of others. It was a precedent. And that freedom between word categories has grown to monstrous magnitudes, therefore it was time to act. I did not understand my own role, it all began when Pluto came to visit me one day. He asked me to liquidate all the other eight planets, so that the category ceases to exist. I understood my role as saving the word. And I have even carried it out - with smaller diffi culties. In the video I am thinking about death, guilt and being the chosen one.