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Fall of the Heroes - opera cycle
The Opera cycle is an artistic project, an imitation of an opera performance evening, a compilation of six videos projected as bigscreen projections onto a canvas on theatral stage, with accopaniment of live chamber-orchestral music (the theatre and the orchester, even the audience as parts of the setting).

Fall of the heroes is a tragedy of men ( or personally the artist) who, as a consequnece of various pressures and tensions - from inside the subjective and the historical memory, also memories and histories of others - is constrained to become a hero. (heroism of success, herosim of sacrifi ce, heroism of messianism, heroism for the sake of others...). Opera also the way video is used are media of the gesammtkunst, the ideal if not supreme media of the artist - hero. This way the artist as creator/DJ/highest coordinator of this cycle, besides playing the various heroes in the videos, is also the artist-motivator organiser in the background, a hero enplacing himself in the roles of the composer, playwright, actor (playing artists). The complex interrelation of all the roles creates a net, which in the end shows the impotence, non-universal competence of men/ artist/ hero. On the contrary, through emotional engagement, the beauty of this fall becomes clear.

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